Use the Doorbell App to Alert Friends that You Have Arrived

I recently stumbled upon an AppStore app titled Pocket Doorbell that has a rather unique, but simple function. By using the location based services of the iPhone and the iPhone’s Address Book, the doorbell app can provide a digital version of a traditional door bell.

Pocket Doorbell App

When going to pick up a friend, a date, etc… you stop by their house to get them and ring the doorbell to alert them that you have arrived. The doorbell app, however, renders a digital representation of a doorbell directly on your iPhone. With location services enabled on the phone, the doorbell app instantly initializes when you reach a person’s home or residence, as long as that person is in your contacts list and there is an address for them.

Here is what will be shown on the iPhone screen once you pull into a driveway or parking spot to pick someone up (arrive at the place):

IPhone Doorbell

Once the doorbell has been prompted on screen, you simply select Text or Phone and ring the doorbell. From here, you can notify the person of your presence directly from the app itself.

Alternatively, the app has some smart features that allow it to remember locations. So, let’s say that you are dropping a friend off at his or her home and you want to pair the location with the doorbell app. Simply tap the doorbell button and select a contact from your list. From here, the doorbell app will remember that person’s home location and update that person’s doorbell with an according name plate.

Here is a direct feature description from the app developer:

Pocket Doorbell Features

This app costs $0.99 cents from the AppStore and it has received near perfect reviews across the board. You can also visit the official app website here. Thank you for stopping by the site for today’s post, which offers a simple, quick and effective shortcut to save you the hassle of having to manually sort through your contacts list by pretty much automating the process. If any of our site visitors have used this app, or recommend any other similar apps, feel free to leave a comment.

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