Java Applet or Plugin Not Working in Safari or Chrome?

There are a ton of websites out there that use Java and I recently ran into an issue where an applet would not load while I was using Chrome on OS X Lion. I tried it on Safari and it didn’t work either! The same Java plugin was working a few days earlier and never had problems before, so I couldn’t figure out the issue.

I went to download the latest version of Java, but it told me to use Software Update on my Mac, which was already updated. There was nothing else I could think of! After doing some research, I figured out what was causing the problem, though I have no clue why it happened in the first place.

If you have a Java applet or plugin that does not load at all in your browser in OS X, then you have to go to Spotlight and type Java Preferences.

java preferences

Now you need to make sure that the Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications box is checked.

java enabled

For some odd reason, this was not checked on my computer and therefore any browser trying to run a Java applet was failing! I enabled this and restarted the browser and everything was working fine. Hope this helps someone! Enjoy!

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    was studying for my mcat (in a week) and decided to update to mountain lion
    i couldn’t load the java applet to take a practice test and was forced to take the test at a computer at the library

    finally discovered this article and the instructions helped fix the issue

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