Creating QR Codes on Your Mac

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are buying and using smartphones. If you don’t already know, QR codes are barcodes which can be scanned using an app on your smartphone such as Tapreader for iOS. When scanned, your phone will load a webpage which the creator has selected.

If you would like to create a QR code to use on a flyer or other piece of media, you’re in the right place! In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to use the Mac app QREncoder to create quick and easy QR codes which can be used with virtually any QR reader. Before we start, make sure you download QREncoder from the Mac App Store.

After you’ve downloaded QREncoder, launch it on your Mac. You will now be brought to a screen where you can create and customize your own QR code. Below, we will go through how to use all the built-in features in QREncoder.

Giving Your QR Code a Function

Giving Your QR Code a Function


Look towards the top of the application, where you will see a drop down menu labeled Content. Once you’ve maximized this menu, you will notice a plethora of options to choose from. Not only can you make your QR code head to a specific URL, you can make it send an SMS to a certain number, launch a YouTube video, or perform a variety of other functions.


Once you’ve chosen your function, look towards the text box which is located directly under the function drop down menu. In this box you can input the URL or text to be carried out by the function.

Customizing Your QR Code



Look towards the bottom half of QREncoder, where you will see Background and Barcode. Click on these options to change the background color of your QR code as well as the QR code itself.

Tweaking Other Miscellaneous Settings

The Printing Scale option allows you to customize the print scale of your QR code. This setting should only be changed by advanced users with specialized printers.


The Error Correction Level option lets you choose how much error correction to give your QR code. The higher you set this level, the lesser chance you have of a misread QR code. Unfortunately, your QR code will also get larger as you increase your Error Correction Level.

If you look towards the bottom of the application, you will see an option labeled Micro QR. This option will allow you to make extremely small QR codes which are ideal for uses such as identification and membership cards.

Saving QR Codes



Now that you’ve created a QR code, you’re probably wondering how to save it. You can export your QR code as a PNG file by looking towards the upper right-hand side of the app. You will see a button labeled “Save as PNG”. Unfortunately, this app currently does not allow you to save your QR code in any other format. You can also copy your QR code to your Mac’s clipboard by pressing the “Copy to Pasteboard” button.

And that concludes today’s Switching To Mac article. Check back soon for more Mac and iOS related content!

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