Monitoring RAM, CPU and Battery Usage On Your iPhone

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The iPhone is a great device but unfortunately has limited RAM and CPU power. If you are curious as to which open applications use up the most RAM and CPU power on your iPhone, read on. In this tutorial we will be showing you how monitor RAM, CPU and battery usage on your iOS device. […]

Play a Video in the Background on iOS 4.2

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With iOS 4 for iPhone and iPad came third-party app multitasking. In addition to third-party applications, some of the iPhone’s built in native apps got some improved features as well. One of the hidden changes in iOS 4.2 is the ability to play the audio track from a video while performing other tasks on the […]

Text Messaging Preferences on iPhone

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There are several settings that can be adjusted to customize the texting experience on your iPhone. Preferences such as group texting, message previews and MMS are all adjustable through Settings. From the iPhone home screen, tap Settings. From the Settings screen, scroll down and select Messages. Here you will see several options with On/Off sliders. […]

Monitoring iPhone Data Usage

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A couple of months ago we wrote a┬átutorial on monitoring bandwidth on your Mac. Today we will be showing you how to monitor data usage on your iPhone. This is helpful if you are using a capped data plan on your iPhone. Before we start, download the DataMan Lite application from the iTunes App Store. […]

Setting the Default Email Account on iPhone

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Having multiple email accounts on your iPhone is convenient, especially now with a unified Mail inbox in iOS 4.2. When sharing a link or photo though, Mail automatically chooses to send it with your default email account. Tapping on the sharing button in Safari, Photos or other third-party apps brings up the following menu: To […]

Reset the iPhone Keyboard Dictionary

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As you type on your iPhone or other iOS device, the iPhone’s autocorrect feature will try and correct any words you have misspelled. This feature makes typing on the iPhone quick and easy, but there are times when you need to type something that’s not in the iPhone dictionary. An abbreviation, such as “SEU” or […]