Invoicing Software for the Mac – On the Job

On the Job is a great time tracking and invoicing software for the Mac from the folks at Stunts Software. If you work as a consultant and bill based on time it’s a good idea to evaluate a software like this – it can make your life a lot easier. On the Job supports a number of currencies from all over the world, has a great looking user interface, and it generates very nice looking invoices. It costs $39.95, which is not a lot of money considering how simple it makes the task of tracking billable hours and the professional looking invoices it generates.

To try out On the Job head over to the application’s website and download a 20 day trial version. After the download completes drag and drop the downloaded file into your Mac’s Applications folder. The installation is complete. Launch On the Job by double clicking on the application icon in your Applications folder.

You will be welcomed by a screen with a New Client entry. Double click on it to rename it with the name of a client. When you are done you can also customize the client’s details by adding an image, setting an hourly rate, currency… When you are done editing the client’s settings double click on the First Job entry to rename it. Enter the details of the first job here. You can add more clients and more assignments. Once you are done with entering this information it’s time to get the billing clock going. Click on the Play button at the top left of your application window. This will begin the clock. Hit the Spacebar on your keyboard to stop the billing.

After you have done some work and clocked a few billable hours it’s time to generate and send an invoice to your client. to do that right click on the client’s icon or on the job for which you want to generate an invoice. Select the Create New Invoice… option. You can pick the assignments and the duration for which you want to generate the invoice. Once you are done you can print it, send it by email, or save it as a PDF file on your computer. There are are number of templates to choose from. You can edit the templates quite a bit. You can add you company logo, change the layout, and really customize it to your liking.

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