GrowlVoice: Google Voice On The Mac

If you’re unaware, Google Voice is a service in which you’re given a secondary phone number that you can use to forward calls to from multiple phone lines–such as from your iPhone and work phone.┬áNot only is Google Voice great for calling, it is also great for sending free text messages. In fact, after using Google Voice for a few months, I ended up cutting my texting plan.

While Google has an iOS client for Google Voice, they don’t have a Mac client as of yet. While you can go ahead and use the Google Voice web client, it is bulky and isn’t the fastest way to send a quick SMS. This is where GrowlVoice comes into play. With GrowlVoice, you can easily send quick text messages from your desktop and receive Growl notifications when a new SMS is received.

Send Messages

While GrowlVoice does cost a few dollars from the Mac App Store, I think it’s well worth it for heavy Google Voice users. This is because GrowlVoice lets users send text messages in a pinch. GrowlVoice can also notify you of missed calls and new voicemails so you can always be in the loop.

GrowlVoice is also quite easy to setup. When you first open the app, you will be prompted to log in to your Google account and configure notification options for GrowlVoice. More customizations are available from the Preferences pane. This can be accessed by clicking on the GrowlVoice icon on the Apple Toolbar. When you do this, a drop down menu will appear. From this menu, click on the Preferences button.


All in all, I think GrowlVoice is perfect for Google Voice power users as it allows you to keep up to date with everything that goes on in your Google Voice inbox. Light Google Voice users, on the other hand, may not appreciate GrowlVoice as much because they don’t need to be notified of every message and missed call that pops up in their Google Voice inbox. In this case, I’d highly recommend sticking with the Google Voice web client.

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