Internet Slow After Upgrading to Lion?

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Over the last few months, a lot of my clients have updated their Macs to OS X Lion and most of them love the new OS. However, for some odd reason, a decent number of upgrades to Lion resulted in a very slow Internet connection that was previously very fast. It doesn’t seem to matter […]

Fix “Accessing iTunes Store” Message Stuck Issue

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Recently, I ran across a really annoying problem with iTunes on my Windows 7 machine. I had installed the latest version of iTunes and suddenly when I opened the program, I started getting a pop-up saying “Accessing iTunes Store” which simply would not go away! Actually, iTunes basically froze and became completely useless as I […]

Best iPad 3/The New iPad Cases

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Just got a new shiny iPad 3? You’ve probably already read a bunch of best iPad cases posts, but I’ve been waiting to write mine just so that I could see which ones people really liked and which ones ended up being duds. After researching a bunch of cases, I’ve come up with a list […]

How to Change Apple ID on iPhone

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So here’s a quick tutorial that I think should help some people. Someone was asking me how to change their Apple ID on their iPhone the other day and since I didn’t know off hand, the person ended up asking some other folks and erased her entire phone and started from scratch because someone said […]

Remember Where You Parked Using an iPhone App

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At some point, everyone has probably forgot where they parked their car. Usually when this happens, you either go on an unexpected walk and maze through the parking lot until you find your vehicle, or if you have a remote keyless entry, you consistently push the lock/unlock button to sound the horn, and follow the […]

5 Best Apple News and Rumor Blogs

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Here at Switching To Mac, we try to focus on providing tips for new Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners. Occasionally, we also post more advanced tips and notable news about Apple. Some blogs, however, focus primarily on Apple news and rumors. In today’s post, we will review 5 of the best Apple news websites […]

Sandy Bridge vs. Ivy Bridge

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Apple normally releases incremental updates to their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineups by updating the models with a minor processor bump a few times a year. For example, a MacBook Pro may be released with a 2.2GHz CPU early in the year. From there, the next MacBook Pro release would be the same identical […]

3 Common Uses for the Apple Remote

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The Apple Remote is one of the most affordable products that Apple manufactures and sells. Apple used to distribute Apple Remotes with MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but now they only include them with Apple TV purchases. If you have an Apple Remote, you can use it to control the majority of devices that Apple sells. […]

iCloud vs. Local Backup

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Apple has spent billions of dollars to purchase iCloud servers, which are used as a cloud backup solution for Apple product owners. Devices like Mac computers, iPods and iPhones are all incorporated into iCloud, meaning that you can backup most of your important information, such as Contacts, Calendars, and even iTunes to iCloud, in most […]

Gadget Review: iLid is the World’s Thinnest iPhone Wallet

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There are several ways that iPhone accessory manufacturers have been able to extend the capabilities of the iPhone. One unique concept is an iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. Now, the term “iPhone wallet” may give many consumers the feeling that it’s a stupid idea, because if you have a wallet attached to an […]