Where are the Arrow Keys on the iPad Keyboard?

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Someone asked me the other day where they arrow keys were on the iPad keyboard and I was a little taken aback! Not because of the question, but because I had never thought about the arrow keys! Even though I use the arrow keys constantly on my computer, I have never used them on my […]

How to Open Terminal in OS X

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Here’s a simple article that will show you how to open the Terminal in OS X. The Terminal is similar to the command prompt in Windows. It basically allows you to input commands into the console which perform various tasks. Most things you do from the Terminal can be done via the GUI interface you […]

Speciality Web Browsers

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For most of us, the internet is our lifeline to news, social networking, and communication. ┬áThe web browser is how we consume this content. Most Mac users tend to use the standard web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. While these browsers are great, a new era of browsers, dubbed “specialty browsers”, are on […]

Downloading and Configuring Messages Beta For Mac

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With the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple decided to release a beta of Messages, an iChat replacement which integrates with iMessages and allows you to chat with pals who use iPads and iPhones. While Messages beta isn’t perfect, it gets the job done and is available for free. If you would like to […]

How to Check for The Flashback Trojan

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While Macs are known for being very secure, sometimes a bit of malware or the occasional virus slips through the cracks. Recently the virus dubbed “Flashback” was discovered. So far, this virus has infected an estimated 600,000 Mac users. While Apple has released an update patching the security flaw, it may still be lurking on […]

Creating QR Codes on Your Mac

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QR codes are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are buying and using smartphones. If you don’t already know, QR codes are barcodes which can be scanned using an app on your smartphone such as Tapreader for iOS. When scanned, your phone will load a webpage which the creator has selected. If you […]

Can’t Drag and Drop in OS X Lion?

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Here’s a strange problem a client of mine ran into when upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion: when trying to drag and drop icons on the desktop, the icons would get stuck to the cursor and never drop! Strangest problem I have ever seen. Anyway, it was ridiculously annoying because the person could not copy […]

Activating iMessage in iOS 5

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iMessage is Apple’s new proprietary iOS-to-iOS messaging service which is available for all Macs and iOS devices. With iMessage, you can easily send text, videos, and photos to your friends and family absolutely free of charge. While iMessage is relatively easy to set up, some users may get lost in the process. That’s where we […]

How to Lock Screen in OS X

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If you’re coming from a Windows background, you probably know that to lock your screen you just press CTRL + ALT + DEL and that’s it! Pretty straight-forward and simple! But what about on a Mac? On OS X, it takes a little more time to setup screen locking, but it works equally well. In […]

Delete Apps from iCloud and Purchase History

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So you bought a dating app on your iPhone 3G 3 years ago and your girlfriend happens to see it in your purchase history on your new iPhone 4S today? Kind of a problem? Oh yeah. With iCloud, Apple has a history of all your purchases which makes it super easy for you to download […]