Microsoft’s SkyDrive Released For Mac

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While Microsoft’s SkyDrive service may not be the most popular cloud storage service, it’s definitely my favorite. This is because SkyDrive acts like Dropbox by combining a stellar web client with a desktop folder which allows you to sync files across multiple computers and mobile devices. While SkyDrive has always offered 7GB of free storage, Microsoft has recently been […]

Adding Birthdays to iCal

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If you’re like me, you’re always forgetting the birthdays of your friends and family members. Though it happens to all of us, iCal provides an easy solution to this problem. In this tutorial we will be showing you how to add birthday reminders to iCal. This article does not require any additional software or iCal […]

Disabling Inverted Scrolling

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While OS X Lion comes with a ton of cool features such as full screen apps and Mission Control, it also offers some features which are less than desirable to some. One of these features is inverted scrolling, where you essentially scroll just as you would on your iOS device. The intent is to provide […]

Making Safari More Secure in a Pinch

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If you’re a heavy Safari user, you’re probably aware that Safari automatically opens downloaded files once they have completed downloading. While this is generally a convienient feature, it’s becoming increasingly unsafe as Mac security threats are on the rise. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to disable auto opening of downloaded media. […]

Prediction – Apple to Bring Back MacBook Lineup

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For the past month, Apple rumor websites have been predicting a major redesign and release involving Apple notebook computers. With Intel’s latest processor, Ivy Bridge, due this month, PC manufacturers are also starting to announce updated computer models for their lineups. Will this new laptop release by Apple mark the return of the MacBook? Apple’s […]

Syncing Windows Phone 7 Devices with Your Mac

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If you’ve recently purchased a Windows Phone 7 device, you may have noticed that the Zune desktop software is unavailable for Mac OS X. If you’re curious, the Zune desktop software is a PC-only media center application which you can use to sync music, videos and other files to your Windows Phone 7 or Zune […]

Top Four Mac Hardware Upgrades

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Just because your Mac isn’t new doesn’t mean it can’t run as fast as a new machine. With a small hardware upgrade, your Mac can be faster than new for a generally small cost. In this article we will be giving you a short list of the best upgrades to add speed, storage and efficiency […]

iCloud Hacks: Sync Files Across Macs

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While Apple’s iCloud is a great way to back up your iOS devices, share photos, and sync contacts, it’s missing one thing: document sync. Document sync is an important feature for Mac users who have multiple Macs and would like to keep some of their files in sync among all of them. While there are […]

Game Spotlight: Mari0 For Mac

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The Mario series is an old favorite for many while Portal is a new up-and-coming game that many Mac users are falling in love with. With this in mind, the developers at Stab Yourself Games decided to mash up both of these titles and produce Mari0. Mari0 features a cool new concept: Give Mario a […]

iWork 12 Rumors – Coming with Mountain Lion?

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I’ve never been a huge fan of Microsoft Office, but at least Redmond comes out with a new version every once in a while and makes us feel like something is being done. iWork is still stuck in 2009 and Apple hasn’t even bothered to release a roadmap/plan/guide/anything to tell us about any future updates. […]