OS X Lion iCal Not Syncing to iCloud?

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So I ran into an interesting problem when I first upgraded to Lion and set up my iCloud account. I merrily updated my iPad 2 and iPhone to iOS 5 and started creating appointments in iCal and in the Calendar apps on the two devices. Unfortunately, iCloud was not working the way I thought it […]

Use the Doorbell App to Alert Friends that You Have Arrived

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I recently stumbled upon an AppStore app titled Pocket Doorbell that has a rather unique, but simple function. By using the location based services of the iPhone and the iPhone’s Address Book, the doorbell app can provide a digital version of a traditional door bell. When going to pick up a friend, a date, etc… […]

Apple Exclusive Apps for iPod, iPhone and iPad

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If you’ve made the switch to Mac, or even the switch to Apple (meaning you own multiple Apple devices), you may want to consider some of the readily available apps in the AppStore that are developed and created directly by Apple. Many of these Apps can help to make your experience with one or several […]

Using Amazon’s Cloud Drive with OS X

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Last week Amazon unveiled its Cloud Drive desktop apps for Mac and PC. These applications allow users to easily send files to their Cloud Drive and easily access their Cloud Drive accounts. Since this app was just recently launched, we want to show you how to obtain and use Amazon’s Cloud Drive app for OS […]

Make your Mac’s Dock Transparent with Mirage

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While the Mac dock generally looks nice, you may want to make it transparent to add a bit of functionality to your Mac’s desktop. While Apple seemed to remove the ability to do this in Terminal with the release of OS X Lion, a user at Mac Themes has decided to take this matter into […]

List: Selling Old iOS Devices

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So now that you’ve upgraded to the latest iPad or iPhone, what are you going to do with your old devices? If you want to make some extra cash, your first choice may be to list it on eBay or Craigslist. Although these services are nice, they can be a pain if a buyer refuses […]

Configuring Hot Corners on your Mac

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If you often find yourself using Launchpad, Mission Control or another feature often, you may want a faster way to launch these features. This is where Hot Corners comes in. When set up, Hot Corners allows you to place your cursor at a single corner of the screen. When you do this, the assigned action […]

Picking the Perfect Macbook

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So you’re in the market for a new MacBook but you’re not totally sure what you want? That’s where we come in! Below we’ve crafted a list of the pros and cons of the most popular laptop choices in the Mac world. Refurbished MacBook While Apple no longer sells the standard white MacBook, they can […]

Create Secure Passwords in OS X

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In today’s day and age, secure passwords are important as the number of cyber threats are on the rise. While you can use a number of web tools to help you create these passwords, you may be unaware that your Mac can do this for you. If this sounds like it would help you create […]