How to Detect WiFi Interference on a Mac

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If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of other wireless networks that show up on your Mac when you try to connect that are not yours, but your neighbors. If you know anything about WiFi networks, you know that their are two frequencies that are currently used for all WiFi networks: 2.4Ghz and […]

Netflix Constantly Pausing/Buffering on Apple TV?

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I recently purchased an Apple TV mainly for streaming the TV Shows and Movies I had bought from iTunes onto my big HDTV. When I had learned that Apple will make everything available in the cloud, I thought it would be useful instead of connecting my Mac to my TV manually. So that works great, […]

Fix FaceTime “The server encountered an error processing registration” Error

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I’ve been using FaceTime on my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard for a long time, so when I upgraded to Lion recently, I didn’t except any problems. However, when I tried to use FaceTime, I got the following error message: The server encountered an error processing registration. Please try again later. Grrr, that was annoying! […]

My Top Three Free Mac Apps

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With the release of the Mac App Store, a lot of Mac users have decided to use the Mac App Store to purchase all of their Mac apps. This, for the most part, is because the Mac App Store is a great centralized location where you can find the greatest free and paid applications for […]

Can’t Log Into YouTube App on iPad or iPhone?

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So here’s a really annoying problem I had today: my daughter loves watching airplane videos on YouTube and I have a couple of them saved to my Favorites. I usually show it to her on my computer, but today I wanted to use the iPad. I went to log into the app using my Google […]

Change Computer Hostname in OS X Lion

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Here’s a simple tip for today where I’ll show you how to change your Mac’s computer name. By default, your Mac’s computer name is created for you when you setup the computer. It takes your name and add’s on the model of the Mac you’re on. For example, my Mac’s computer name is Aseem Kishore’s […]

Announcements that May Arise at WWDC 2012

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WWDC, or World Wide Developers Conference, is an event held annually by Apple that plays host to iOS and OS X developers and Apple fans alike. At WWDC, Apple gurus meet up for a series of Keynotes regarding Apple’s latest and upcoming features. This year’s conference is slated for June 11-15, making the Keynotes less […]

MacBook Pro Constantly Dropping Wireless Connection?

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I love my MacBook and haven’t had very many major issues for the better part of 3 years. Unfortunately, that is not the case with all MacBook owners. Since I do a lot of technical support, I’ve run into a ton of people with MacBook Pro’s that simply lose the wireless connection randomly. It’s been […]

iOS 6 Rumors and Predictions Roundup

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It seems with Apple that all everyone ever does is create rumors and make predictions! With all the secrecy that goes on at Apple to keep products and services under wraps, it’s no wonder the rumor mill runs 24/7. So we’re joining in on the fun too here at Switching to Mac. Apple’s WorldWide Developer […]

OS X Mountain Lion Features, Release Date, Requirements & Cost

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OS X Mountain Lion is the next release of Apple’s operating system and I, for one, am looking forward to it! Lion was a big upgrade that included some nice features like Mission Control and Full Screen apps, both of which I use fairly often. Mountain Lion has some more really cool features that I’m […]