PhotoStream Not Showing Up in iPhoto 11?

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Some people I know have been complaining that they are not able to see the option for the new PhotoStream feature in iPhoto 11. Once you turn on and setup PhotoStream on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac, you will magically see any picture you take on one device show up on the other […]

Creating Events in iPhoto

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Organizing your photos in iPhoto can be done in several ways. Albums can be used to manually group photos together, smart albums will automatically add photos based on criteria you specify, and in iPhoto ’09 or above, Faces and Places organize photos based on who’s in the picture or where it was taken. Another great […]

Change the iPhoto Library Location

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A robust and feature filled application, iPhoto is a great way to organize your picture library. iPhoto includes Events, Places and Faces, which can arrange photos by date, geo-location and facial recognition software respectively. You’re also able to create slideshows, photo books and albums. With today’s HD camcorders and high megapixel cameras, storing all your […]

Extract Images from a PDF using Preview and iPhoto

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The PDF format is one of the most common eBook types that you are likely to come across on the Internet. While OS X supports the reading of PDF files using the application Preview, and Apple’s portable devices now have excellent PDF compatibility with the introduction of the iBooks App, there may be times where […]

How to Shrink Photos with iPhoto

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After every vacation I like sending my friends pictures from the trip. There are a number of options these days where you can upload pictures to a website and share a link. But every once in a while I run into a situation when I need to email the pictures to someone. When I import […]

How to Upload Photos from iPhoto Directly to Flickr

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This tutorial will guide you through installing FFXporter, a small iPhoto plugin that allows you to upload photos from iPhoto directly to Flickr. Note: this tutorial applies to iPhoto ’08 (and possibly earlier). iPhoto ’09 has this functionality built in. First things first, download the latest version of FFXporter. Open the .dmg file, and run […]

How to Export Photos from iPhoto to your Facebook Account

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Update 5/12/2012 – You can now create Facebook albums and upload photos from iPhoto directly into Facebook.  Facebook.com is one of the more popular social networking services on the Internet. Other than allowing you to make contact with friends, write to them and “poke” them every once in a while, Facebook is also a great […]