How to View Your iCloud Backups

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If you backup your iOS devices to iCloud, you may want to see how much iCloud storage each device is using. In order to do this, you will need to find your iCloud Settings within iOS or OS X. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to do just that. This tutorial does […]

iCloud Hacks: Sync Files Across Macs

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While Apple’s iCloud is a great way to back up your iOS devices, share photos, and sync contacts, it’s missing one thing: document sync. Document sync is an important feature for Mac users who have multiple Macs and would like to keep some of their files in sync among all of them. While there are […]

Delete Apps from iCloud and Purchase History

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So you bought a dating app on your iPhone 3G 3 years ago and your girlfriend happens to see it in your purchase history on your new iPhone 4S today? Kind of a problem? Oh yeah. With iCloud, Apple has a history of all your purchases which makes it super easy for you to download […]

iCloud vs. Local Backup

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Apple has spent billions of dollars to purchase iCloud servers, which are used as a cloud backup solution for Apple product owners. Devices like Mac computers, iPods and iPhones are all incorporated into iCloud, meaning that you can backup most of your important information, such as Contacts, Calendars, and even iTunes to iCloud, in most […]

Backup iOS Device to iCloud and iTunes

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iCloud seems really cool to me, but I don’t think it is necessarily working that well just yet. I like the whole idea of being able to backup my entire iPad and iPhone to the cloud and then just restore it over WiFi if I ever needed to, but I frankly don’t trust it. Firstly, […]

Setup iCloud on a Mac or iDevice

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Apple’s iCloud service has recently left the development stage and is now official. This is good news for many Mac and iDevice owners, because iCloud is now available to the public and not just Apple developers. In today’s article, we will review some basics of using iCloud, and demo how it works with different Apple […]