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Open Office vs. Microsoft Office and iWork for Mac

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While Microsoft Office has always gotten fairly good reviews by Windows users, it is one of those programs that has not received the greatest of reviews, for the Mac Edition. iWork, Apple’s own office suite, has slightly better ratings by Mac consumers, but not by much. Finally, Open Office is a completely free solution, that […]

Write to Windows Hard Drives & Partitions with NTFS-3g

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Many computer users either want or need to run multiple operating systems on the same computer.  Unfortunately, incompatible file systems often cause problems.  Windows 7 uses the NTFS file system by default.  Mac OS X uses HFS+, while Linux generally uses Ext3 or Ext4, with some distributions using other options. And in nearly every case, […]

Connecting to a Remote or Local Server

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There are several different kinds of servers you may deal with on a daily basis. Some are local, others are in the cloud, some may need to be remotely accessed. OS X provides a native way to connect to any server, even remotely, and mount it as a hard drive on the Desktop. From here […]

Using Multitouch Gestures in Mac OS X

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In 2007, Apple brought multitouch gestures to the mass market with iPhone. One of most popular features on the original iPhone was “pinch-to-zoom.” Whether it was a web page or photo, you could take two fingers and expand or zoom into a photo just by pinching. Shortly after, Apple incorporated these multitouch gestures onto the […]

Use the Line In Audio Input on a Mac

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Every Mac comes with a built-in microphone, and most Macbook and Desktop Macs also include a “Line In” audio input. This Line in port looks identical to a headphone jack, but instead of a headphone logo, it will have a circle with two inward facing triangles. The port can be used to plug in an […]

Schedule Your Mac to Power On or Off Automatically

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While your Mac doesn’t need to completely shut down very often, you can schedule it to turn off and back on without any input from the user. This is especially useful if you’re going to be away from your Mac for a while but want to access it remotely. In System Preferences you can schedule […]

An Introduction to the Apple Keyboard Symbols and Shortcuts

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This brief tutorial/overview will explain how to identify the keys on your Mac’s keyboard, and some of the most common keyboard shortcuts. Apple Keyboard Symbols Here’s a breakdown of the Apple Keyboard keys. – also displayed as = the Command key (also known as the “Apple key”).   = the Control (ctrl) key   = […]

How to Install Fonts in OS X

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If you’re a recent switcher, you’re probably used to dragging and dropping fonts into a folder in Windows in order to install them. As with many other aspects of OS X, installing fonts is even easier on your Mac. In fact, it really couldn’t be easier. Download the font you want to install, and double-click […]

Make the OS X Maximize Button Work like Windows

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One very, very common question/complaint from folks who have recently switched from Windows to Mac is “Why does the green button only resize windows and apps?”. It’s a totally valid question – the resizing behavior has always annoyed me too, and I made the switch years ago. Fortunately, there’s a very small and perfectly customizable […]

The Mac-way: What Every Switcher Needs to Know

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Note: This article is semi-out of date. It was originally published in March of 2007 by Mike Kaye. I’m currently in the process of updating it, and once this disclaimer is gone, consider it up to date. The most difficult part about Switching to Mac is the overwhelmed feeling you get when you finally bring […]