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Announcements that May Arise at WWDC 2012

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WWDC, or World Wide Developers Conference, is an event held annually by Apple that plays host to iOS and OS X developers and Apple fans alike. At WWDC, Apple gurus meet up for a series of Keynotes regarding Apple’s latest and upcoming features. This year’s conference is slated for June 11-15, making the Keynotes less […]

Prediction – Apple to Bring Back MacBook Lineup

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For the past month, Apple rumor websites have been predicting a major redesign and release involving Apple notebook computers. With Intel’s latest processor, Ivy Bridge, due this month, PC manufacturers are also starting to announce updated computer models for their lineups. Will this new laptop release by Apple mark the return of the MacBook? Apple’s […]

5 Best Apple News and Rumor Blogs

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Here at Switching To Mac, we try to focus on providing tips for new Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners. Occasionally, we also post more advanced tips and notable news about Apple. Some blogs, however, focus primarily on Apple news and rumors. In today’s post, we will review 5 of the best Apple news websites […]

AppleCare + Details

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Previously, we posted an article relating to whether or not AppleCare is worth it. For those who are new to Apple products, AppleCare is essentially just an extended warranty program that Apple offers on the majority of their products. As of more recently, Apple has released a new division of AppleCare dubbed AppleCare +, which […]