Prediction – Apple to Bring Back MacBook Lineup

For the past month, Apple rumor websites have been predicting a major redesign and release involving Apple notebook computers. With Intel’s latest processor, Ivy Bridge, due this month, PC manufacturers are also starting to announce updated computer models for their lineups. Will this new laptop release by Apple mark the return of the MacBook?

Apple MacBook

Apple’s MacBook lineup was discontinued just last year, 2011 in correspondence to the release of the 11-inch MacBook Air, which has a starting retail price of $999. While the MacBook was in production, however, it was quite the seller; outselling the MacBook Pro lineup several times throughout its 5-year product life span.

Most of the current rumors circling Apple’s upcoming laptop release are unconfirmed, but there is a very strong possibility that Apple will release a new laptop sometime very soon. My guess is anywhere between tomorrow and June.

The Apple news websites have guessed at the new laptop release, and several possibilities have surfaced:

1. – Apple’s new laptop will simply be a 15″ MacBook Air that will help to bridge the gap between the two current portable computer lines, MacBook Pro and Air.


2. – New MacBook Pros. Apple’s upcoming laptop overhaul will change up the entire MacBook Pro lineup entirely. The redesign will not only include a thinner, MacBook Air like chassis for the new Pros, but also eliminate the optical drive (super drive) in favor of a solid state drive that comes standard. The MacBook Air lineup will remain unchanged.


3. – One line of computers. No MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, but simply the MacBook which will inherit the slimness of the current MacBook Air and combine it with the power of the MacBook Pro.


4. My prediction is the following:

– Apple simply drops the “Air” from the current MacBook Air lineup and simply rebrands them as MacBook, effectively bringing back the MacBook. Apple keeps the MacBook Pro lineup, but eliminates the optical drive in favor of dual hard drive enclosures. The first bay will be SSD driven, while the other will be more of a storage bay, consisting of a standard HDD.

So what’s your opinion on Apple’s upcoming MacBook ___ release? Feel free to leave a comment below confirming 1-4 of our article if you agree with one of the choices. If not, also feel free to leave a comment with your own prediction regarding the new laptops.

Note: Apple, with this new redesign, please make a priority out of eliminating the sharp edges on the palm rest of the MacBook Pro. While sleek looking, these edges are simply a bit sharp to provide a comfortable computing experience.

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