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Previously, we posted an article relating to whether or not AppleCare is worth it. For those who are new to Apple products, AppleCare is essentially just an extended warranty program that Apple offers on the majority of their products. As of more recently, Apple has released a new division of AppleCare dubbed AppleCare +, which is currently only available for the iPhone. However, this new warranty program may be a “must buy” purchase for many iPhone owners.

AppleCare Plus

What does the + addition to the name get you? One very important thing, accidental damage coverage. Previous AppleCare for the iPhone would cover any technical problems that may or may not occur with an iPhone; or basically, if you got a lemon, or for some reason your iPhone stopped working correctly, Apple would repair it. However, any accidental damage was not covered under the old AppleCare protection plan for iPhone. With the new AppleCare +, you can drop your phone on the pavement, spill water on it, or basically incur any other accidental type of damage, and Apple will fix it.

The plan retails for $99.00 and gives you two accidental damage coverages. Thus, you obviously can’t just trash your iPhone and keep getting it repaired, or getting a free replacement; but the + plan does allow for two repairs.

Aside from the $99.00 cost to purchase the AppleCare + plan, Apple has also strategically placed a flat rate $50.00 fee for any needed service repair regarding accidental damage. So, if you drop your iPhone and the screen cracks, AppleCare + will replace it, but it will cost your $50 more bucks.

If you just purchased a new iPhone 4S, particularly a more expensive higher capacity model, this plan may be worth it, particularly if you are careless with phones sometimes. However, I would not recommend this plan to people who purchase an iPhone 4 ($99) or iPhone 3GS (free), unless you want to spend more on a warranty than the actual cost of the device.

The main thing here is, it seems that Apple may be restructuring their AppleCare plan. Now, they just need to release an AppleCare + for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. I have dropped my MacBook several times, and I’m surprised it still works. A plan like this would be a good seller for some people.

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