5 Best Apple News and Rumor Blogs

Here at Switching To Mac, we try to focus on providing tips for new Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners. Occasionally, we also post more advanced tips and notable news about Apple. Some blogs, however, focus primarily on Apple news and rumors. In today’s post, we will review 5 of the best Apple news websites and blogs.

There is an ever growing list of Apple news and rumor blogs on the internet, but the following blogs have been around for a while, and have gained quite the following in the Apple community:

1. MacRumors


MacRumors is an Apple news blog that specializes on exactly what it’s name implies, Mac Rumors. Aside from that, MacRumors is probably the most heavily followed Apple blog on the internet. Aside from their Mac Blog and iOS Blog, they also have a unique Buyer’s Guide, which serves as a good reference for anyone trying to decide if now is a good time to buy an Apple product.



TUAW, in my opinion, is a very underrated Apple news and rumors blog. TUAW is an AOL Networked publication, so much of it’s traffic comes from existing AOL email users and AIM users. TUAW’s website design is very good, and they also have very good journalists and writers. TUAW often times posts very unique and original content.

3. Apple Insider

Apple Insider

Apple Insider’s website/blog is a bit different than most of the other Apple focused blogs on the internet, in that it is very minimal in design. Instead of focusing on extreme detail in their blog posts, Apple Insider is more of a mass/bulk Apple blog that posts short stories about anything Apple. This is an effective approach in that Apple Insider usually has the most posts, and usually the latest Apple news, quickly after it is released.

4. Cult of Mac


If you are a die hard Apple fan, Cult of Mac is a good blog to follow. They are kind of like us (SwitchingToMac) in that they post reviews, news, tutorials, and tips. Cult of Mac also has a partnership with a 3rd party apps website, which allows you to browse a wide variety of different apps, directly from their blog. In many ways, their app partnership is more efficient for browsing than the Apple AppStore itself.

5. 9to5 Mac


9To5 Mac is mainly an Apple news and rumors blog, with a similar intent as MacRumors. The blog employs good writers that have a passion for Apple products, and with some of their “insider sources,” 9to5 sometimes posts some real gems regarding upcoming Apple product releases, Apple rumors, and more.

#. TiPb


TiPb isn’t an all Apple blog, but as far as iPhone/iPad news, TiPb is the best niche blog. Specializing mainly on Apple’s portable devices, TiPb is a blog that you should follow, even if you just own an iPhone.

Those are the best of the best for Apple news blogs. Thank you for stopping by Switching To Mac for today’s post. Do you run a quality Apple news website? If so, post a link to your website in the comments section below, to help people find your blog!

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